SP19 Pop Up Workshop Class

3 days of helpful lessons on how to Make Word of Mouth Advertising Work for you!

Join me as I kick off the launch of the Business of Makeup® programs with this FREE Pop-Up Workshop hosted on Facebook. 

I will walk you through what you can do to reach more of the right potential clients without spending a fortune! 

Let's get smart about advertising!

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Ashley Fierro is a PRO Makeup artist and Educator who specializes in editorial and fashion media, red carpet events, professional athletes, luxury brides, TV and film. With over a decade of experience, she has cultivated a following of high-profile clients who appreciate Ashley’s consistent yet adventurous spirit and her fresh, natural and modern approach to beauty. This discerning group trusts her to create beauty looks that are on-trend, camera and red carpet-ready. 

Looking beyond her own career, Ashley strives to inspire and empower a new generation of makeup industry professionals around the globe as a mentor, educator and keynote speaker. Her mission is to help established beauty pros and aspiring artists alike with her course Business of Makeup® - which teaches them how to develop their creative passions into successful full-time careers.

“One of the best courses to spend your money on! Worth every penny. She teaches like no one else and is so insightful, caring and on point. And she has a successful business she built herself to back up her expertise!” - Business of Makeup® Graduate, New Jersey


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